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Now, You too can have the midas touch to Growing Healthy and Beautiful Orchids right in your own home with ...

Orchidata Organic Fertilizer for Orchids

Uniquely Yours

Orchidata, a certified Organic Fertilizer specially formulated for Orchids is a trusted brand with over 2 decades of history in Europe is now available at your door step in Asia.

When the Goings get Tough, Orchidata Orchids keep on Growing

Sturdy & Vigorous Growing Orchid Roots with Orchidata

Armed with Nutrients specially for Orchids ensuring they are  more resistant to diseases, roots are sturdy and vigorous growing which lead to thicker, lusher and shinier leaves with brilliant flowers.


More time to appreciate your Orchids

Orchidata is designed to be slow-released allowing Orchids to fully absorb nutrients over time allowing YOU, the Proud Owner more time to enjoy flowers watching.

What some of Orchidata users say:

"Orchid saya tidak sakit macau dulu. Kini, Sihat dan Cantik betul.  Orchidata memang boost orchid punya immune system."

Puan Naimah, Grower & Seller (Muar, Johor)

"At first, Orchidata seems expensive but over long run. I make back more as my Orchids sell for better price.  Don't tell my competitors."

Mrs Low, Grower (Cameron Highlands, Pahang)

"Boleh lah, saya tidak pakai apa-apa lagi fertilizer. Cuma Orchidata saja.  Memang puas hati."

Puan Rosita (Johor Bahru, Johor)

"Bagus ..."

Dr Syed Alwi Bin Syed Abdul Kadir (Johor Bahru, Johor)





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Orchidata Orchids

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